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The State of Black Education in Oakland (SoBEO) series has engaged hundreds of community members around the needs of families, children and educators, and how we move the needle on equity. Our conversations about Black Education in Oakland speaks to the unfortunate predictable disparities – in health, economic prosperity, affordable housing, and education.

On October 20, 2018, SoBEO held an event with over 100 community stakeholdersĀ  that reviewed the research we’ve collected, brought community partners back together to reflect on our learnings, and build momentum towards a set of community developed policy proposals for decision makers, coined “The Black Paper“.

Our Recommendations

Create an Opportunity Ticket for families

in closing schools to allow them to attend the school of their choice

OUSD and Charters should change current admissions preferences to give a preference to families in closing schools.

Create public goals for hiring and retention

of Black teachers and targeted supports

Two statewide studies found that having one black teacher in elementary school, reduced the dropout rate, Black students by 29%, this is a robust intervention.

Create avenues of meaningful involvement