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Strike Cost Tracker

Lost $ to the district in ADA

Because 94% of the 36,268 students by and large stayed home, $69 being the cost per day of absence, and the strike lasting 7 days.

Instructional minutes lost

California requires roughly 300 instructional minutes per day, depending on grade level. If 94% of 36,268 OUSD students were absent for the entire strike for 7 days, this is the total impact.

Amount of Teacher Salary Lost

According to the EB Times, the average per day pay of teachers is 339.50, based on an average salary of $63,149 and working 186 days.  So, a 7 days strike cost the average teacher $2,376.50. The total number represents all 3000 striking teachers.

Where are all the active picket lines located?

Where can students go during the school day?

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