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About Us


The State of Black Education – Oakland (SoBEO) doesn’t belong to a person. It doesn’t belong to an organization. It was born out of an idea that the black community in Oakland deserves a space where we can come together as a family and discuss the most pressing issues affecting the educational well-being of our community. It’s about empowerment. It’s about inclusivity. It’s about collective conversation. It’s about exposure. And most importantly, it’s about community. We strive to make sure that everyone has a seat at the table as we examine data, wrestle with questions, and put forth a collective push toward change.

SoBEO Objectives:

  • Develop a series of events that focuses inclusion, collective conversation, exposure, and community engagement (reflecting on the current state of education for Oakland’s Black community)
  • Utilize a multi-faceted and highly engaging strategy for each event (that amplifies the voices and experiences of students, parents, educators, and community organizations)
  • Identify, engage, and lift up key education stakeholders (as key partners for each event)
  • Create a community-informed set of recommendations/demands (The Black Paper – to be presented to education & political authorities)

SoBEO Guiding Principles: